Tu Corazon Sport Fishing

You can’t change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to always reach your destination. And that destination is the best kept secret on the Baja peninsula; Tu Corazon Sport Fishing!

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with an appetite for that heart pumping adrenaline rush? Does sport fishing run rampant in your blood? With Tu Corazon’s multiple Big Tuna tournament championships over the past few seasons, you too are sure to experience these same high-end results. Making Tu Corazon your first and only premier choice of Baja East Cape fishing! 

Bask in the adrenaline pumping championship caliber big-game fishing and come see why Gabby and Alex have become local legends of the Baja East Cape fishing industry.

Not to mention, bring home a lifetime full of memories, fun, culture and “tales of the sea!”. All this combined equals an outdoor enthusiasts heavenly utopia!

Baja East Cape Fishing At It’s Best!

The Sea of Cortez is considered one of the most magnificent natural wonders of the world. Jacque Cousteau once coined the phrase, “the Sea of Cortez is the world’s aquarium”.

Spot on Jimmy, spot on!

Not only has the natural biological beauty of vast marine wildlife brought visitors to Baja. But her uncharted yet enchanting bays, with picturesque landscapes and deserted isles. Cloaked in a hypnotic, or better yet, mysterious state. Which continues to lure explorers and adventure seekers in from all over the world.

Anyhow, this is your chance to partake in the splendor! Experience it for yourself with the champions at Tu Corazon Sport Fishing. Whether it’s a day out deep sea fishing, island hopping, our perhaps hiring our fleet for personal use or tournament play. Tu Corazon is here for you by delivering you directly to the grasping arms of the world’s aquarium.

Opportunity Strikes!

Don’t miss this opportunity to climb onboard with local professional anglers Gabby and Alex and experience the legendary fishing grounds of Baja’s East Cape.

Located out of Los Barriles, Baja Sur, Tu Corazon Sport Fishing has quietly become East Cape’s premier luxury fishing and/or open-water charter today. We’re happy and able to cater our services to your personal specifications giving you the best experience and adventure money can buy.

Space is limited throughout the year, so plan ahead and get ready to land your monster today!

Baja Sport Fishing


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